• Project Synergise! is creating an online learning experience plus a powerful documentary "Lift-Off", about how global creatives are helping us shift to a regenerative,
    thriveable world by 2050.


    Learn what it takes to lead in the 21st century in a thriving community of global creatives


    Planetary Thriller on cracking the code
    of the 21st century enigma

  • Project Synergise!


  • The Project Synergise! Story

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  • Project Synergise is creating an interactive storyworld

    that catalyses synergistic innovation

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  • Global Situation

    Our species has a closing window of opportunity to shift towards a sustainable presence on this planet.

    If we fail to course-correct by 2030 we are destined for run-away global warming with disastrous

    wild-card effects on weather and therefore agriculture, economy and migration.


    co-creating a thriveable future

    Project Synergise! is creating an online learning experience plus a powerful documentary, "Lift-Off", about how global creatives are helping us shift to a regenerative, thriveable world by 2050.

    To this end we are building a transmedia platform that supports our members and patrons in the creation of regenerative inclusive outcomes in business and society, ensuring that we are all thriving and not just surviving.


    Our ultimate goal is to ensure we have a regenerative inclusive global socioeconomic system in place by 2050.


    We are at a threshold moment in our personal and collective history - the ingredients needed for a global shift are already out there - its up to us to connect the dots within and without.


    interactive storyworld

    We begin with a new way of energising, informing and integrating multiple interpenetrating threads of conversations and stories that are capable of shifting systems small and large from their current state into their thriveable future state.


    ProjectSynergise! is creating an interactive storyworld that is using diverse types of media and occasions: Our offering in 2017 includes Live Events & Seminars, Books, Documentary-Film Clips and Social Media outreach on facebook.


    Our actions are animated within the Six Innovation Pathways of the ThriveAbility framework co-created

    by Dr. Robin Wood through the application of the Six Shift Ingredients to the 8 Transitions human beings are currently experiencing globally.


    cross-generational synergy

    Project Synergy's core team consists of Dr. Robin Wood and Georg Boch, two highly passionate, motivated and diverse individuals whose complementary co-creative talents are deeply aligned towards creating a thrviable future by 2050.

    Next Steps

    global Crowdfunding campaign

    In order to kick-start our futher endeavors we are currently preparing the ProjectSynergise! Crowdfunding campaign that will offer new ways to engage and learn.


    Stay tuned for more!

  • Team

    Dr. Robin L. Wood

    Innovation Champion

    Robin works with leaders and organisations globally to co-create thriving futures as a speaker, writer, consultant and as founder of the ThriveAbility Foundation.


    He has worked at board level with the world’s leading organisations in 35 countries on 4 continents over three decades, and founded, developed and supported hundreds of organisations to realise their full potential.

    He is also an entrepreneur, jazz musician and poet.


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    Georg Boch

    Transmedia Storyteller

    Georg Boch works as a transmedia creator & consultant at the intersection of film, web and gaming with an emphasis on transformative learning. His experience includes projects for Sony Playstation, Google Germany and Volkswagen.


    He leads and facilitates teams in digital innovation projects for beneficiaries in the corporate, education and creative sector reframing and transforming limiting narratives that block teams, brands and ideas from living up to their full potential.


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